1st Semester Results 2017

Results for all Standards, 1st Semester 2017.

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Sakarbai Khimji Ramdas Memorial School
At a quick glance.

We strongly believe extra curricumlum activies are as important as studies.

Sports Center

Coached By Mr. Ramdevsingh Zala, Over 15 Games, 100's of tournaments & Countless Victories...

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Growth & Performance

We heavily focus on Child's Academic Growth & his/her Overall Performace to make sure students stay prepared for any challege be it Academics, Sports 0r Extra Activities

Digital Schooling

An excellent initiative by Khimji Ramdas Trust to make all workings of S.K.R.M school digitally available for teachers, students & parents.

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Alumini (Coming Soon...)

Meet the great and successful students of SKRM school. A comprehensive list of students who helped solidify the legacy of SKRM

School Staff & Infrastructure

An in side look at SKRM school.

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Class Rooms & Offices,

Over the years SKRM school's look have changed several times, over the years we have grown from teaching a handful of teachers & stundents to teaching thousands of students and a working staff of 60+. Here are some pictures of our current staff and infrastructure...

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Our Team

Upper Management of SKRM School

Mrs. Hemali D. Karatella.

Vice Principal

Mrs. Karatella manages secondary section of SKRM School.

Mrs. Heena S. Shah

Hon'ble Principal

Mr. Piyush Patel


Mr. Patel manages Pre Primary & Primary section of SKRM School.


Festival & Events Celeberation in SKRM

Indian is a country where each and every culture can florish without any hurdle, and we at SKRM try our very best to celeberate every festival

Extra Curriculum & Events


We at SKRM school understand the importance of religious festivs, Be it Diwali, Eid, Christmas. No matter how advance India becomes, It's important that our children understands the importance of our culture. And we don't miss any oppertunity to celeberate any festival.


We Celebrated several festivals & events , here is a small glimpse of all the beautiful festivals we enjoyed.

Class Rooms

Equipped with Tech

Gone are the days where black board use to be the most important thing in the classroom, Though still have one, along with it we also have "Smart Classes", 24 High speed computers that are connected to one server where teachers can store all their important notes, science experiments and other data, so they won't have to carry it everywhere, also with the help of projector we can show them several educational videos that surely helps students in understanding things with ease

Sports Center

Athlete's Heaven

SKRM students are very active, in the year 2014-2015 more than 60 students performed on District, State & National Level Competitions. We understand that every child has a dream to become a sports person. And we just help them by giving them best coaching & equipments to play with and bring out the best performace.

Staff Room

Teacher's Corner

With 2 Staff Rooms in the entire building, We make sure our teachers get time prepare their notes, data, and every other thing. With Huge Space, Seperate lockers for all teachers. We make sure they don't face any difficulites performing their duties.

Contact Us

You can easily contact us for any other detials regarding school from details given below

S.K.R.M School Mandvi
Windfarm Road
Near Gayatri Temple
Mandvi - Kutch
P: (02834) 223482/223492

If you have any further inquires please fill free to contact us or visit us at the given address, We are always here to solve your any concern regarding school, Plesae note the timings as 8:30 AM To 12:30 PM.

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